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International Symposium Tentative Plan

29 – 31 October, 2010  In Fukuoka City

・Sponsor:Fukuoka ACAP organizing committee
(Asian Aging Business Center, Fukuoka-City, The Inter-University Consortium along Fukuoka Nanakuma-line, Nishinippon Shimbun Co,.Ltd., Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co,.Ltd., Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce & Industry)
Fukuoka university, Nakamura Gakuen University, Fukuoka Dental College, The Japanese Red Cross Kyushu International College of Nursing, Aso Education Group, Office of Public Health Studies at University of Hawaii, Kapiolani Community College, Center for Ageing Studies Universitas Indonesia(CASUI), National Commission For Older Persons The Republic of Indonesia, Research Institute Science of Better Living for the Elderly,  Kosin University (Requesting)
Cabinet Office of Japan (Requesting), Fukuoka Prefecture (Requesting), Fukuoka City (Requesting), Kitakyusyu-City(Requesting)
Secretariat: Asian Aging Business Center

◆10/29 Friday 18:00-◆At SOLARIA Nishitetsu Hotel

    Registration (From 17:00 ~)
    Welcome Reception (From 18:00 ~)

◆10/30 Saturday 10:00-17:00◆At Fukuoka University

Reception is to start from 9:00AM.

1.Opening Ceremony

【Opening Address】
by Dr. Takeo Ogawa,Chairperson of Organizing Committee of Fukuoka ACAP 2010

【Welcome Address】
by Dr. Etsuko Kita, President, Asian Aging Business Center

【Congratulatory Address】
by Mr.Hiroshi Yoshida, Mayor of Fukuoka-city
by Sasakawa Peace Foundation

☆☆☆Entertainment: Traditional Fukuoka’s Song and Dance☆☆☆

2.Keynote Lecture

・Dr. Kathryn Braun, President, ACAP
・Dr. Joseph Troisi, UN
・Dr. Heung Bong Cha, President-Elect of IAGG(International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics)
・Dr Eun woo Nam, Temporary Adviser, Western Pacific Regional Office, WHO

3.Plenary Session

 ●Age-friendly Primary Health Care(Open to the public)     

・Professor Kathryn Braun, University of Hawaii 
Presentation Title:[Evaluation for Healthy Ageing] 
・Mr. Susumu Isaki, Fukuoka-city
Presentation Title:[Healthy Future City Fukuoka ] 
・Professor Sung Kook Lee, Kyungpook National University
Presentation Title:[Health promotion for the Frail Elderly under Long-Term Care in Korea] 
・Dr.Mary Ann Tsao, Tsao Foundation
Presentation Title:[Supporting Healthy Ageing in Place] 

●Universities' Contribution for Halthy Cities(Open to the public)    

・Dr Eun woo Nam, Temporary Adviser, Western Pacific Regional Office, WHO
(Professor, Healthy City Research Center, Yonsei University at Wonju, Korea)
・Dr.Keiko Yoshioka, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Nutritional Sciences, Nakamura-Gakuen University
Presentation Title:[Nutrition and the diet for the elderly persons]
・Dr. Kazuko Kunitake, Professor, Faculty of Nursing, Fukuoka University Faculty of Medicene
 Presentation Title:[Harmony with community a university's mission]
・Dr. Toru Naito, Associate Professor, Section of Geriatric Dentistry, Department of General Dentisiry, Fukuoka Dental College
Presentation Title:[Supporting Aging Society with Oral Health Care - For the Improvement of Quality of Life]

 ●Age-friendly Community Development   

・Professor Hiroko Akiyama, Tokyo University
・Dr.Tri Budi W. Rahardjo, University of Indonesia
Presentation Title:[Enhancing Work Ability for Older Persons] 
・Dr.Dong Hee Han, Busan-city Busan Health Family Support Center
Presentation Title:[New Inter-generational Activities] 
・Professor Cullen Hayashida, Kapiolani Community College
Presentation Title:[Adult care Homes] 

 ●Age-friendly Caregivers      

・Professor Kiyoshi Adachi,Kyushu University
Presentation Title:[Migration of Care Workers] 
・Dr.Lois Greenwood, Greenwood Management Consulting
Presentation Title:[Virtual Nursing Home in Suzhou ] 
・Dr.Min Bao, Hiroshima International University
Presentation Title:[ Quality of Care Workers] 

Poster Session: Towards Active Ageing (Inviting)

◆10/31 Sunday 10:00-12:00◆

Workshops (Tentative)

Next Step of ACAP,
towards Aging Policy-Academy in East Asia sponsored
by AABC Dr. Takeo Ogawa

Entry Fee for Participation, including Presentation in Poster Session: $100

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For registration and accommodations, please see "Register Me".
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 ★★★ Other Events ★★★

◆10/31 Sunday 13:00-16:30
Fukuoka-Busan Joint Walking Rally in Fukuoka Dome

◆11/1-2 Monday-Tuesday 8:30-16:30
Study Tour on Ageing in Fukuoka Click Here

◆Excursions(Optional Tour) Click Here